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Ethnographic Museum of Pilsen Region

Ethnographic Museum of Pilsen Region

Dear visitors,

The Ethnographic Museum of the Pilsen Region is temporarily closed due to the general reconstruction and preparation of the new expositions since January 2021 . The closing will take at least 3 years. Thank you for understanding!

The Ethnographic Museum of Pilsen Region is located in two Renaissance houses in the centre of Pilsen. Chotěšovský House is oriented towards the Square of the Republic, while Gerlachovský House leads to Dřevěná Street. The permanent exposition How People Lived in Pilsen Region takes up both upper floors, while exhibitions and other accompanying events take place on the ground floor. In addition to the exhibition hall, we also use the rooms of the former soap workshop, the stables and the historical cellars. At the end of the passageway towards the town square, you can find the ticket office and our special Book Booth, followed by the enclosed yard with benches and a bike stand which form the imaginary “heart” of the museum. Thematically oriented fairs, creative workshops for families with children and examples of selected annual customs are organized in these rooms.

What you can see in the museum

Permanent exposition How People Lived in Pilsen Region

Short- and medium-term exhibitions all year round (see the Current Events)

Examples of annual customs, fairs, Advent and Easter workshops

Within the exposition, you can visit

  • Interiors of burghers’ households (from the 16th to the 20th centuries)
  • Interiors of rural households (from the 18th to the 19th centuries)
  • Interior and equipment of a pharmacy in Pilsen in the 19th century
  • Grocer’s shop
  • Folk costumes from the wider region of Pilsen
  • National customs and traditions
  • The only Renaissance yard-oriented loggia in Pilsen


What you can experience in our museum

Before visiting the Museum

The tour of the permanent exposition is only possible with a guide. If you intend to visit our museum as a greater group and prefer not to wait for the next round, we would recommend that you book your guide in advance.

Wheelchair access

The listed buildings of the Ethnographic Museum of Pilsen Region, being rather complicated in structural design, do not allow us to provide wheelchair access to the permanent expositions. At present, disabled access is only possible to the exhibition hall, the passageway to Chotěšovský House, the atrium, and the “Stable”.

For cyclists

In the museum’s atrium there is a stand for 3 bicycles, with the area being monitored at all times. 

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    Address / Contact

    Národopisné muzeum Plzeňska
    náměstí Republiky 13 
    301 00 Plzeň 

    The Ethnographic Museum of the Pilsen Region is temporarily closed due to the general reconstruction.

    Václav Marian