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Prehistory Department

Prehistory Department

We perform the field research of endangered archaeological localities.
• We clean, glue together and renovate the fragments found to the original form.
• We take drawings or photographs of the artefacts found.
• We take care of the immovable archaeological monuments in the region.
• We elaborate detailed plans of mound burial sites and ancient settlements.
• We secure the surveying of the archaeological research and artefact finding sites.
• We edit the Archaeology of West Bohemia journal.
• We ensure the production of functional copies of some ancient tools, jewellery and weapons.
• We perform anthropological analyses of skeletal remains (both skeleton and cremation ones) from the archaeological research sites.
• We perform the floating of the contents of graves, vessels and settlement buildings.
• We organize expert workshops and lectures.
• We make copies of archaeological finds (both ceramic and metal).